Mount device busy solaris 10 patches

Ads are annoying but they help keep this website running. When the system is configured with solaris volume manager svm root mirror then attention is necessary if using the failsafe boot boot f failsafe on the ok prompt environment. To be able to troubleshoot booting issues, sometimes we have to boot the system in single user mode using the cdrom. A file system is considered busy if a user is accessing a directory in the file system, if a. Example to update the boot archive via failsafe boot on. Force unmount of a swap filesystem left over from bad live upgrade. Determine which shell on the workstation is currently located below the mount point, and change that directory.

System administration commands oracle solaris 10 811. How to migrate solaris 10 global zone into solaris 11. I use the mount command, but i dont see the mount in question. I cam mount the remote to mnt no issues, what am i missing, why can i not mount the mount point. Tips and tricks for unmounting an network file system nfs. All 924 days uptime means is that you need to update your kernel patches. Oh, and btw, why isnt my signature beeing displayed. Hi, im trying to do a sharity mount to mount a terastation network drive. For example, if you were to patch a solaris 10 305 system with the latest recommended patch cluster, many of the patches relate to functionality introduced after solaris 10 305, and therefore, patches with the new functionality would fail to install. Many of you block advertising which is your right, and advertising revenues are not sufficient to cover my operating costs. This post addresses failures on network file system which result in a solaris 10 client being unable to mount remote filesystem on the nfs server. During the failsafe boot, when prompted by the system to select a device to mount, type q to indicate none.

As far as i know patches were never made available for that. I found some interesting stuff when mount cdrom failed on solaris 10 on some platform. The book covers a range of oracle solaris system administration topics related to. Zfs automatically mounts file systems when file systems are created or when the system boots. However fuser is useful when it comes to killing the. Also, how can i find where a specific directory is mounted to, directly, without which of the mounting points is its superdirectory or grep. Text in this file my theory is can mess finding new luns in solaris 10. Mounting zfs file systems oracle solaris administration. I dont think ill be able to request that we reboot 6 production servers just to patch them and reboot them again. They all say to install lsof and run lsof devvgbcklv01 to find the process that is hanging it. Here we discuss both the ways to mount a usb media with pcfs pcfs personal computer file system. How to mount the cdrom on solaris 10 without knowing the cdrom device name. For more information about mounting and unmounting usb devices, see how to mount or unmount a usb mass storage device without vold running. It seems the cause for my issue was the nfskernelserver was exporting the directory.

Cause during phase 1, fsck1m found more than 10 duplicate previously. Managing usb mass storage devices oracle solaris 11. When you use a floppy disk on a sun, anyone on that sun can read and write the floppy. This book is for anyone responsible for administering one or more systems that run the oracle solaris release. Mounting and unmounting oracle solaris file systems oracle.

How to troubleshoot unable to mount nfs mount point the geek diary. The book covers a range of oracle solaris system administration topics related to managing removable media, disks and devices and file systems. The logging option is a very useful feature that unfortunately was not enabled by default till solaris 10. Below are the common error messages we see in a solaris operation system. A filesystem in solaris can be referenced by its device name e. Hi after doing a live upgrade from solaris 10 update 8 to solaris 10 update 9 the alternate boot environment i created is no longer bootable. Currently, sun update connection is available only for solaris 10, but if not patched it doesnt work. If a mount is attempted on a preexisting mount point without setting this flag, the mount will fail, producing the error device busy. The nfskernelserver probably goes behind the normal open files and. Failed to determine zone configuration for target boot. When you patch or upgrade oracle solaris, a new version of the zpool may be available. Heads up on kernel patch installation issues with jumpstart or zfs root. You could do a kill hup on the lockd process i doubt it.

For you information,from solaris 11 onward,zfs will be the default root filesystem. Im getting a device or resource busy message after my mount command. This error appear on solaris when you try to mount filesystem. Solaris 10 physical server must be running with solaris 10 10 11 update. Just long enough to make the server think it has a valid nfs mount and unmount it. Home netapp tips and tricks for unmounting an network file system nfs mount on a unix or linux client. Scsa 200 and scsa 202 exam material included with clear explanation performing mount and unmount. Since solaris 10 10 08 update6 the boot archive feature was implemented into solaris 10 for sparc. By using the logging mount option, you enable a filesystem that is journalled on top of the atypical ufs type. Solaris 11 global zone must have minimum 7gb of free space for solaris 10 zone installation. Login to solaris 10 physical machine and halt if you have any local zones on it. I have started aka in 2009 as my own personal reference blog, and later sometime i have realized that my leanings might be helpful for other unixadmins if i manage my knowledgebase in more user friendly format. Every time i try doing unmount somefs it says it is busy.

Allows read and write access to data and programs on dosformatted disks that are written for dosbased personal computers. Installing the latest version of live upgrade from the update 9 iso. Solaris 10 how to access svm root disk from fail safe cdrom boot. Creating and mounting oracle solaris file systems oracle. How to mount the zfs rpool while booted from cd sparc. It appears there is zonelu mount that is causing me this problem. On solaris 10 local zone swap space is inherited from the global zone. Mount problem device already mounted or mount point busy when i want to mount my fat32 filesystem on my primery slave hard drive i get the following message. Tips and tricks for unmounting an network file system nfs mount on a unix or linux client. Example 18 10 mounting an nfs file system mount command. Mount problem device already mounted or mount point busy.

Introduction to oracle solaris 11 zfs zettabyte file system. This post describes how to boot using cdrom and mount a zfs root file system rpool. Zfs file systems oracle solaris 11 information library. The busy device is actually the working directory of a process. It is hard to keep the site running and producing new content when so continue reading lofiadm. You can make a legacy ufs file system available by mounting it, which attaches the file system to the system directory tree at the specified mount point.

An io performance bottleneck can be due to a disk or even due to a hba or a. Hello, i am looking for some assistance in mounting an nfs drive on boot, on a solaris 11 machine. Then yes, youre running an old solaris express development release. How to use floppy disks with solaris computer science. Keyspan and prolific usb serial drivers are available in oracle solaris 11 and in oracle solaris 10 update 2 and later.

Solaris 10 os patching using liveupgrade unixarena. For example, use the prtconf command to display usb device. On my solaris 9 10 machines, i have an entry for my nfs mount in etcvfstab, however when i add the same entry to my vfstab on solaris 11, the drive will not mount on boot. How do i figure out why the kernel thinks this filesystem is busy. How do i mount an iso cd image under sun solaris unix. This message appears when the superuser attempts to nfs mount on top of an active directory.

Topics are described for both sparc and x86 based systems, where appropriate. I highly recommend upgrading to a current release, either solaris 10 update 9 or solaris 11 express. Im on a solaris 10 1 x86 vm, and im getting permission denied messages with most of what ive attempted. Solaris 10 how to access svm root disk from fail safe. Solaris os patching has been moved far away from the traditional methods from solaris 10 onwards. Adblock detected my website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to my visitors. Mounting and unmounting oracle solaris file systems. Determine which shell on the workstation is currently located below the mount. In this example, rpooldump is the dump device for solaris and it 516mb.

Mounting 2012r2 nfs share on solaris 10 the unix and. Heads up on kernel patch installation issues with jumpstart or zfs. A fuser c myfs tells me that nothing on this fs is in use. I tried mount with no args but that only listed each mount point, similar to df. Pl2303 chip based adapters and keyspan usa19hs adapter are available as part of oracle solaris 10 update 2. When busy, the processor is in either user or system mode. Solaris 10 does not mount cddvd rom the unix and linux. Solaris 10 does not need this, and it just slows up booting. Zfs file systems are mounted and unmounted automatically. I have ever come across an issue like the dvd is not even detected from the os. This is required to access the root file system and find out the issue causing the boot problem.

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