Prov1 or pro v1x driver spin reduction

If power isnt a problem, stick with the pro v1 it has the black number and youll enjoy the enhanced feel around the green. Titleist 2017 pro v1, pro v1x golf balls remove the. While the improvements made to pro v1 and pro v1x at the start of 2017 were around aerodynamics. Golfs golden standard for distance, consistency and shortgame spin. Pro v1 golf balls are lower compression than pro v1x following data was taken from the titleist faq site pro v1 84 to 96 compression pro v1x. Pro v1, pro v1x use new core process, thicker mantle and thinnestever cast urethane cover to put more faster material to work in the ball. Beneath the thinner cover, the speed enhancing casing layer has thickened by. However, i did hit 2019 tp5 and 2019 pro v1x on trackman as well. I saw a decrease in spin in the long clubs which would also help distance. The pro v1 has more spin off the driver, which could exaggerate your misses left and right off the tee. If you are reading this blog, id be willing to bet that you absolutely have heard of these golf balls and id bet even more that you have played with either one of them a few times in your golf career. The long game is where the 2019 pro v1 and pro v1x seek to separate themselves from the 2017 models. More professionals and amateurs alike use the titleist pro v1 and pro v1x golf ball than any other ball on the market.

Titleist updates the pro v1 and pro v1x golf balls for 2019. Some golfers may notice a very slight drop in short game control. It has a steeper angle of descent than pro v1, typically carrying further, but rolling out less than pro v1. The bigger difference is one the scoring shots, which reflects titleists philosophy of combining lower spin off the driver for distance, with higher spin on the scoring shots for greater control. Since the titleist pro v1x is made to have less spin than the pro v1, then you can expect the v1x ball to move less in the air if you slice, hook, etc. Confused about spin on new pro v1 and pro v1x golf balls. The titleist pro v1x is a fourpiece ball with 328 dimples and it is this different type of construction that delivers the alternative feel and performance to pro v1. For the 2017 pro v1 and pro v1x, titleist decoupled those. It offers lower launch, lower long game spin and softer compression than the pro v models. While the long game spin of the new pro v1 and pro v1x is very similar, there is a difference in spin between the models on iron approach shots and short game shots, where pro v1 spins less compared to pro v1x. Titleist avx v pro v1 v pro v1x golf ball test titleist have added the avx golf ball to the tremendously popular pro v1 and pro v1x ball range. Off the irons the ball generates plenty of spin to control the ball but not enough that better players need to always worry about spinning the ball back off greens.

You may have always considered yourself either a pro v1 or a pro v1x player, but things have changed with golfs best selling line of golf balls. Pro v1 and pro v1x both produce low spin in the long game and deliver dropandstop performance on approach shots into the green. For players who wonder which model is right for their game, its helpful to know that the pro v1 has a softer feel, a bit more spin on long shots, and a more boring trajectory. For the 2017 pro v1 and pro v1x, titleist decoupled those relationships to increase speed while decreasing spin and for this year, the company refined the processes that made those advancements possible, resulting in. Faster ionomeric casing layer increases ball speed and lowers long game spin. For me, although i love the v1x around the green, in general, the v1 works best for me. Decreasing compression will usually reduce driver spin but also reduce speed. Im looking for differences in overall spin, total distance, peak height, and several other parameters.

I took each ball and hit full shots with my sand wedge, 7iron, and driver. Has anyone ever heard of titleist pro v1 and titleist pro v1x. Titleist prov1 titleist prov1x titleist golf balls. I can still work the ball how i want around the greens with the pro v1x. To put it simply, they used more of the fast stuff the casing layers and less of the slow stuff the urethane cover. New titleist pro v1 and pro v1x golf balls for 2019. Are you looking for a drop and stop shot, or do you want a gentle roll.

Both the pro v1 and pro v1x are softer than previous generations, offering more check around the greens and better durability. Overall, a worthy alternative to pro v1 and pro v1x that provides a greater separation in performance. Ive found that the pro v1x is straighter off the driver, but spins less into the greens. Faster from core to cover, the titleist pro v1 and pro v1x golf balls have been. Faster from core to cover, the new titleist pro v1 and pro v1 x golf balls have been designed to leave the clubface with more ball speed and lower long game spin for more distance while providing the best short game control to help golfers shoot lower scores. I like the distance with the pro v1x than the spin with the pro v1. So while the pro v1 is more ideal for golfers with slower swing speeds who want greater ball performance consistency from tee to green, the pro v1x is more suited for golfers with a higher swing. Pro v1, pro v1x, and avx are all low spin off of the driver, and. I had pretty negligible differences in ball speed between both balls.

With my driver the 2019 pro v1x is spinning about the same as its. The pro v1x was slightly lower spinning than pro v1 and flew a touch higher too. The pro v1 and pro v1x have greatly improved all around preformance including more distance off the tee, bite around the greens and improved cover durability. A deeper look at what makes the pro v1 and pro v1x titleists most popular golf. Second, the pro v1s and pro v1x s composition does make a bit of difference. So, since those are the opposite changes from what you would see between the pro v1 and the avx, the gap between the avx and the pro v1x can be relatively more dramatic. Both are longer than the 2017 pro v1, so if you are using that. Often times when i find a pro v1 they are still in great condition because of the quality and toughness that they have.

On the other hand, the dual core and reduced dimple pattern of the pro v1x results in a ball that provides for higher, and later, peak trajectory and a very low degree of spin off of the driver and longer irons. On iron approaches, full wedges and shots around the green, pro v1x also launches higher and spins slightly more than pro v1. Titleist updates the pro v1 and pro v1x golf balls for 2019 golfweek. V1x has better distance for me, but my accuracy is better with the nonx v1. For me, tp5 had more spin and less ball speed with the driver when comparing to v1 and tp5x and was therefore shorter. New 2017 pro v1 and pro v1x balls, cartsbags, apparel. Titleist avx vs pro v1 the differences you need to know. With my driver the 2019 pro v1x is spinning about the same as its predecessor and about the same as the 2019 pro v1. New titleist pro v1, pro v1x feature fundamentally new. It also should roll further as a result of having less spin. Specifically, how is the avx different from a pro v1 or pro v1x. Titleist avx v prov v1 v prov1x golf ball test youtube.

As compared to the regular pro v1, the x is expected to fly higher, spin more, and feel firmer. Pro v1 vs pro v1x spin characteristics golf balls team. The casing layer on the pro v1 is 14% thick, which improves ball velocity and reduced spin on longer shots. Pro v1, pro v1x, and avx are all low spin off of the driver, and extensive testing from titleist shows only a small difference in spin between them. Since its release to pros in october 2000, this ball has been the gold standard of performance. Pro v1x flies higher, spins slightly more and reaches peak trajectory further downrange than pro v1. As you can see below, the pro v1 and pro v1x are generating similar spin with shots around the green. He claims that both balls have about the same overall distance, they just get there in different ways. Terrific golf ball that cuts thru the wind like a surgical knife. Direct from titleist, the pro v1 is meant to have lower spin in the long game and a lower ball flight. More ball speed and less spin in the long game with the best dropandstop.

Here are the results from my full sand wedge swings. The pro v1 was more consistent with spin from long irons through driver, however, i got less spin with the pro v1x on the driver, and more spin with the long iron than i did on the pro v1. Titleists pro v1 and pro v1x 2019 golf balls are designed for more ball speed and lower spin. While pro v1 spins less than pro v1x on approach shots and short game shots, both models provide golfers with the requisite spin to deliver the stopping power golfers need on these critical shots. The newest pro v1 and pro v1x balls have a number of design features that work together to reduce driver spin for longer tee shots without sacrificing titleist. With the driver, the new pro v1x did give us on average just over 1mph. If phil mickelsonesque flops are the main shot in your bag, the pro v1 will also be your friend. Titleist pro v1 vs pro v1x whats really the difference. At the end of the day, i would recommend going with the model that is delivering the short game results and overall performance that is helping you lower your scores. Weve used them on the course at hillsborough in sheffield, moor allerton in. Regardless of what titleist golf ball youve been playing, the company wants you to test both of its new premium golf balls in 2017. Players who want a softer feel, more iron shot distance and lower driver spin than. Titleist attempted to add a bit more ball speed to the 2019 pro v1 range by adding more of the things which create speed and taking away things that can slow it down.

The 20172018 pro v1 and v1x are definitely different balls than before, evolutionary and revolutionary at the same time. Titleist ball range 2020 your guide to the latest models. Players deciding between the pro v1 and pro v1x should consider feel the pro v1 is softer, flight the pro v1 launches lower and has a more penetrating trajectory and spin the pro. Pro v1x launches higher with more carry and a steeper angle of descent which rollsout less. Off irons and wedges, pro v1 spins less than pro v1x.

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