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The numbers in the table specify the first browser version that fully supports the attribute. This behavior is not consistent with actual placeholders. Ie 10 and webkitbased browsers, with the polyfill being loaded on. The short hint is displayed in the field before the user enters a value. Html placeholder not working in ie9 and earlier nicholas rogoff. I have a webpage with textarea element with placeholder. All of those issues are solved in html5 with the placeholder parameter. Html5 saw the introduction of the very useful placeholder attribute for input elements, but its not supported in internet explorer before version 10. The placeholder attribute specifies a short hint that describes the expected value of a text area. Looking at html5 and the placeholder functionality, its there to offer a hint to the user before they have started filling out something. Dont use the placeholder attribute smashing magazine. Learn how to make placeholder work on ie using javascript or jquery, also to use placeholder polyfills to make the placeholder attribute work on ie9, ie8, ie7, ie6 facebook twitter. Thanks to the placeholder attribute on input elements defined in html5, the days of having to cart this snippet of code around are numbered. Among other benefits, xhtml can help maintain cleaner markup due to its failfast nature in the face of parsing errors.

Using placeholder text in html5 forms across all browsers. Check out the html5 placeholder jquery plugin project page on github. Let me show you how to style placeholder text within input elements with some unique css code. Last week i showed you how you could style selected text with css. On some fields i have a placeholder example text that is supposed to be grey. If i removed the default cssstyle color on inputbox, placeholder. Placeholder text is a short example or hint text that is shown in a form field when the field is unfocused and has no input from the user. The placeholder attribute specifies a short hint that describes the expected value of an input field e. Ie9 users on windows 7 users should have been autoupgraded to ie11. Is there anyway to display placeholder for textbox in internet explorer.

The placeholder attribute on input elements is a handy timesaver, once. The placeholder attribute specifies a short hint that describes the expected value of a input field textarea. This tutorial will show you exactly how to style a html5 placeholder text. Style html5 placeholder text using css input and textarea. It would also submit the placeholder text as the value of the input so you would have to place some validation to remove any value that matched the placeholder text. You can see ie9 running xhtml for yourself by visiting examples on. You can test if a placeholder is currently being displayed by checking the input. As you know if placeholder is a new feature from html5, and almost all sites now using this new feature to make their site looked like a professional.

The blur function first checks to see if the input element has a placeholder set, and if it does, if the value of the inputs value is either blank the user didnt enter anything before moving on or if its the same as the placeholder text. Method of setting placeholder text for textlike input fields, to suggest the expected inserted information. If you have ie9 setup, could you please test the html code and provide results here. Below is how a placeholder should look like if no value is entered and textbox is not focus. I am having difficulty with ie9 64bit not wanting to display web pages, all of sudden. A plugin support placeholder attribute alternative. Which is your favorite way in order to enable the placeholder property on the input and textarea tags optional.

Html5 boilerplate uses a way to visually hide elements that makes it impossible for containing elements like the polyfilled placeholder to be visible. Placeholder plugin should workable in ie8 jsfiddle. Placeholder attribute is not working in internet explorer. Managed to delete a few things from programs features, but it seems ie9 html rendering is still flaky. In most of the browsers, the placeholder in input tag is of grey color, to change the color of this placeholder, nonstandard placeholder selectors can be used. Net webform, we looked at the html5 input types support from the asp. Actual placeholders are still visible when the user clicks into an input field. I see the first text box and then the password box with the button on the same line. The numbers in the table specify the first browser version that fully supports the. This polyfill changes the value of the input field, so where a natively supported browser will report the value as empty, polyfilled browsers will report the value of an empty field as being the value of the placeholder. I am getting some problem in applying placeholder css.

Crossbrowser support for html5 placeholder text in forms. Placeholder css not being applied in ie 11 stack overflow. Introduced as part of the html5 specification, the placeholder attribute. The way i worked around this issue was something along the lines of adding addclass jquery method to this placeholder plugin and simply applying some class, like placeholder or anything you want. I tried this in a test html standard page with ie9 and dont see this behavior. After some hit and try, i get solution of my problem, but its amazing. Html placeholder not working in ie9 and earlier recently found this very useful jquery plugin for fixing placeholder issues in old ie browsers. Heres a code snippet you can add to your html that will use modernizr to help legacy browsers support placeholder text. The placeholder attribute specifies a short hint that describes the expected value of a number field e.

The short hint is displayed in the input field before the user enters a value. If placeholder is not compatible with the browser version the. Different placeholder behavior in internet explorer and. Placeholder text not working in ie9 or ie8 solutions. The short hint is displayed in the text area before the user enters a value. This can result in their placeholder text getting cropped in an undesirable way. The placeholder attribute shows text in a field until the field is focused upon, then hides the text. If you check the image above, i have a chart that displaying which browser support this feature placeholder.

The placeholder property sets or returns the value of the placeholder attribute of a number field. You are using the jquery hack, so it can get broken with virtually any major or minor update of ie. One of my favorites if the introduction of the placeholder attribute to input elements. But it working for grome only nor working ie browser. It also uses modernizr to check if the browser already supports the placeholder technique to use this make sure youve included the jquery and modernizr files and then pop in the bit of code below or download and include the file. Then in validation i check if the field has that class. Html5 placeholder styling with css david walsh blog. I am really confused about a css problem in ie9 browser. For comparison, i installed the latest build of chrome.

The placeholder attribute can be used on the following elements. Placeholder for my textbox in below format is not working for internet explorer. Only once the user starts typing does the placeholder go away. When clicking in the field the placeholder would not disappear in browsers like firefox for example, but. For those not familiar, xhtml is the xml serialization of html. The following html gives us the following out put on ie9, firefox 12 and chrome 19. Before html5, there was xhtml1 and before that html4.

Modernizr will check to see if the browser supports placeholder and if it doesnt the jquery code will run creating a fallback for the placeholder text. On narrow screens such as smartphones, the width of search boxes and other form fields can get drastically shortened. It works in ie9, but doesnt work on password inputs. In internet explorer the color of the placeholder text was equal to the color of the text typed in the input field, all other browsers showed the placeholder in light grey. There is probably a fix, but after you apply it it will not be guaranteed to hold the next time you get a windows. Ie9 is the first version of internet explorer to natively support xhtml. Not showing labels can make forms look less complex, increasing usability, but hurt. Ie10 not ie9 or 8 in ie10, when you get the html of a textarea element, you will get the placeholder value if there is no content. Placeholder not working in internet explorer tandamerah. Its the code snippet to change html5 placeholder color with css which are used in form input and textarea fields. In browsers that dont support placeholder attribute this plugin is filling in value attribute so thats why you are seeing this behavior.

So i can use this everywhere ive just written a quick bit of jquery to replicate the placeholder functionality in browser that dont support. A placeholder is a textbox that hold a text in lighter shade when there is no value and not focused. Change an html5 input placeholder color with css geeksforgeeks. Take for example older versions of internet explorer ie9 and older, that dont. This could be considered a poor example, as label elements should be used for maximum accessibility. Browse other questions tagged javascript html internetexplorer9 placeholder or ask your own question. Html5 placeholder and an alternative approach introducing roberts playground published on monday, may 2, 2011. To get the same effect across all browsers we will develop a small jquery plugin that will take the placeholder value provided and applies the watermark effect across all browsers. Html emails and getting all you styles inline with a free online tool. Test your javascript, css, html or coffeescript online with jsfiddle code editor. As we can see above, ie9 does not support this effect. The other thing you need to do is comment out line 107. What you see is just picture, not real placeholder, dont try to click it once the textbox gets focus, the text goes off and you shall input your own.

In ie8 with this plug and play code when you click in the input field the value or are make shift placeholder in this case disappears. Placeholder plugin should workable in ie8 jsfiddle code playground close. I lost a lot of time on that and didnt look for the required property yet. Stack overflow for teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. Ive searched for more interesting css style properties and found another. The placeholder attribute works with the following input types. Problem in ie wtext color input field for placeholder. Actually i was facing some issue with installing ie9 on my windows 7 64bit ultimate os.

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